Effect of Pore Structure of Cigarette Paper on the Yield of Carbon Monoxide in Mainstream Smoke During Cigarette Burning

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Two cigarette papers with the same basis weight and permeability but different pore structures were prepared. The effect of the pore structure after pyrolysis on CO yield in mainstream smoke was investigated by heating the papers to 250 °C. Diffusivity, permeability, pore size distribution, and pore volume of the cigarette papers before and after heating were also measured. The pore structures of the completely pyrolyzed cigarette paper in the burning cone and the incompletely pyrolyzed area near the char line were elucidated. CO yield in mainstream and sidestream smoke and the temperature distribution of the burning cone were evaluated. Diffusivity and permeability of the cigarette papers after heating were significantly higher than of the control sample after heating. The volume of pores in the cigarette paper with a size of 0.1-8.0 μm was increased, which decreased CO content in mainstream smoke. An increase in the amount of micropores facilitates CO diffusion from mainstream to sidestream smoke.

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