Influence of Tobacco Additives on the Chemical Composition of Mainstream Smoke - Additional Analysis of Three Tobacco Industry Based Laboratories

M Intorp 1 , J Pani 2  and M Blumenstock 3
  • 1 Imperial Tobacco Group, Albert-Einstein-Ring 7, 22761 Hamburg, Germany
  • 2 JTI/Oekolab GmbH., Hasnerstrasse 127, 1160-Vienna, Austria
  • 3 British American Tobacco, Product Centre Europe, Weiherstrasse 26, 95448 Bayreuth, Germany


Three tobacco industry based laboratories determined selected mainstream components using their established in-house methods. Machine smoking was done according to the ISO smoking regime. The Test cigarettes smoked for this investigation were manufactured with different amounts of added glycerol, cocoa powder and sucrose. Variability between the three laboratories differed clearly for the analyzed smoke components. No overall effects due to the added ingredients on smoke components could be found. The high ‘tar’ products with the highest lodading of sucrose showed a slight increase in formaldehyde emissions among all three laboratories.

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