Biomarkers Derived from Nicotine and its Metabolites: A Review

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Nicotine is the major alkaloid present in tobacco and the most frequently determined compound as a biomarker of tobacco exposure in both smokers and non-smokers exposed to environmental tobacco smoke. Current knowledge on the human metabolism and disposition kinetics of nicotine is reviewed, together with methods for the determination of nicotine and various metabolites in different human biological fluids and matrices. Only short-term biomarkers of nicotine exposure exist and long-term biomarkers of exposure such as the incorporation of nicotine and cotinine into human hair, toenails and deciduous teeth require further investigation. Determination of ‘nicotine boost’, the difference in blood nicotine concentrations that occur after smoking a single cigarette, provides an experimental indication of individual smoking behaviour, but is unsuitable for population studies. The determination of nicotine plus multiple phase I and phase II metabolites in 24-hour urine, often expressed as ‘nicotine equivalents’, provides the most accurate way to determine exposure to nicotine in smokers; however, few laboratories are equipped to perform the complex analysis required for this purpose. Nicotine equivalents can be used to estimate the uptake of nicotine from a cigarette in both individuals and in population studies. Despite recent advancements in analytical methodology and the possibility of determining multiple nicotine metabolites in various biological fluids, determination of cotinine, the major metabolite of nicotine, is likely to remain the most commonly used approach to assess exposure to tobacco smoke in both smokers and non-smokers. Representative data for cotinine in blood, saliva and urine of smokers and non-smokers are presented.

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