Loneliness in Artistic Expression

Marzanna Morozewicz 1
  • 1 University of Bialystok, , Poland


Delving into the nature of the creative process, attention is given in the article to particular kinds of emotions appearing in the course of the work of a creative person. Particular emphasis is given to the emotions the artist is guided by during the act of creation. The reflections presented in the text result not only from theoretical analysis, but also from the author’s experience in the process of creation. In this context they refer closely to the personal emotional sensations accompanying the author when painting pictures.

The article distinguishes and analizes the concept of loneliness in artistic creation. Selected visual artists are recalled, who deliberately refer in their work to the experience of loneliness in the process of creation. The significance of artists belonging to creative community groups is also pointed out. Positive and negative aspects of experiencing loneliness by the creator in the act of artistic creation are also stressed.

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