Application of the CSI Method to Study and Improve the Quality of Internet Access Service – Case Study

  • 1 Silesian University of Technology, , Poland


The paper presents the results of research aimed at assessing the level of satisfaction of individual customers of a company offering Internet access services. The study was conducted using the CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index) method. The study process consisted of 2 stages. The first study conducted in 2017 identified customer requirements and revealed insufficient customer satisfaction with the services provided to date. The analysis of the CSI revealed that customer satisfaction in these areas was not the highest. This state of affairs forced the company to carry out a broad improvement program, which is characterized in this paper. The second study was conducted (in 2019) a year after the implementation of the changes. Owing to this, it was possible to compare customer satisfaction ratings and the customer requirements, as well as to assess the effectiveness of the improvement measures taken. The study allowed to broaden the knowledge about the analyzed service in terms of methods of its measurement and factors having a decisive influence on its quality and efficiency. The service under analysis has been effectively improved.

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