A model of business intelligence and online marketing for commercial

Simona Gheorghe 1 , Mirona Popescu 1  und Anca Alexandra Purcărea 2
  • 1 Entrepreneurship, Business Engineering and Management Doctoral School, University Politehnica of , Bucharest, Romania
  • 2 Management Department, Faculty of Entrepreneurship, Business Engineering and Management, University Politehnica of , Bucharest, Romania


Technology is expanding at a speed previously unsurpassed; therefore an emphasis is made on integration, optimization and increasing efficiency on different fields. Business intelligence is a new concept which became popular alongside online marketing, as both use external and internal data in order to make better decisions, process improvement and optimizations. The aim of this paper is to propose a solution for business intelligence in the commercial field based on a model of internal sales platform. Gathering data for all the structures integrated in this platform improves the optimization of products and services offered by the companies and also streamline the process of sales. This business solution underpins another solution enabling market research on consumer preferences in order to lead to the development of new products / services according to the real needs of the market at the present time.

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