Research On The Construction And Operation Mode Of College Student Entrepreneurship Alliance – Taking Hebei Province As An Example

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The construction and good operation of college student entrepreneurship organizations play an important role in the cultivation of college student entrepreneurship awareness and the improvement of college student entrepreneurship ability and success rate. This paper summarizes the factors restricting student entrepreneurship and proposes the suggestion of constructing student entrepreneurship alliance based on the analysis of the education and the current operation status of entrepreneurship organizations in Hebei Province. With the idea of “Promoting employment by entrepreneurship to realize social entrepreneurship” and the target of “Improving college student entrepreneurship success rate”, college student entrepreneurship alliance integrates multi social resources with the involvement of the government, society, enterprises and colleges. The operation of the alliance is divided into education stage, incubation stage and marketing operation stage. By the three stages’ cultivation to college students, it plays a positive role in aspects such as the participation of college education and social education, the promotion of entrepreneurship education development and college student entrepreneurship success rate and district economic development.

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