Specifics of Organic Food Markets’ Demand

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Organic food market in Serbia is characterized by underdeveloped supply and limited demand. Demand of organically produced food has certain specifics. Paper analyzes research results of domestic and foreign authors aiming to identify key characteristics and to carry out a systematization of the factors that determine demand and consumption of organic products in Serbian and foreign markets. The aim of the research is to develop demographic profile of organic consumers, and to provide a picture of “typical” organic consumer.

Most authors agree that there is a positive correlation between the level of education and consumption of organic products. Studies conducted in Serbia suggest that concern for health is one of the most important factors of buying organic products, while foreign customers, in addition, are also motivated by environmental and animal welfare attributes, and with desire to consume “local” food. In both groups of consumers sensory characteristics of the product were recognized as the key factors for the consumption of organic products. Price is one of the relevant factors that limit the purchase of these products. Significant attention was paid to marketing channels. Since domestic organic producers are underdeveloped and unadjusted to customers’ requirements, getting familiar with the basic characteristics of buyers of organic food is the starting point for development of adequate marketing concept for growers, processors and retail of this group of products.

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