Interdependence of Agricultural Production and Environment and the Road to Sustainable Development

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Sustainability of agricultural production in the world is in serious crisis. Interdependence of agricultural production and the environment is multiple and causality works both ways. On one hand, there are environmental changes which hamper food production, and on the other, the agricultural production, as it is, is severely damaging the environment. The very systems of agricultural production jeopardize future production. The goal of this paper is to explore causes of limitations of sustainable agricultural development in the world, where the authors emphasize the following: gas emissions with greenhouse effect, a disturbed cycle of nitrogen circulation and destruction of biodiversity.

We explored the factors of interdependence of environment and agricultural production and possibilities of sustainable development with a methodological frame work of research, analyzing, comparing and synthesizing domestic and international literature. The authors propose a holistic approach to sustainable development, carefully suited to the regional and local circumstances.

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