A realistic approach to explanation of the normal and reversed remanent magnetization of rocks: Application for submarine volcanics

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A realistic approach to explanation of the normal and reversed remanent magnetization of rocks: Application for submarine volcanics

The results of the magnetic measurements and mineralogic data of the submarine basalts and peridotites have been compared with the original model to explain the origin of the normal and the reversed remanent magnetization (RM) of volcanics. According to the author the Ti-rich titano-magnetite (Ti-Mt) bearing rocks (without the secondary magnetic phase) and the magnetite are always the carriers of only normal RM. The low-temperature oxidized Ti-Mt bearing rocks and those of the ilmenite-hematite bearing rocks of the deutheric oxidation origin (of the defined composition) are the carriers of dominantly reversed RM of the self-reversal origin. This idea have been approved by many results of submarine volcanics, mostly basalts.

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