Cartografii Ale Memoriei În Proza Ruxandrei Cesereanu Și A Tatianei Țîbuleac

Gabriela-Emilia Merce Master II 1
  • 1 Universitatea de Vest din Timișoara,


The starting point of my study is represented by two works, Grădina de sticlă(Tatiana Țîbuleac) and Un singur cer deasupra tuturor (Ruxandra Cesereanu). These are two novels that organize their narrative discourse following the relation trauma-memory-identity. In fact, Tatiana Țîbuleac and Ruxandra Cesereanu emphasize in their proses how can a social identity be recreated, when everybody feels the terror enforced by the authority. In this case, when you lose everything, you become vulnerable and this feeling causes the alienation, the break. Therefore, in this paper, we will show how the memory reopens the dialogue with the past, more exactly with a traumatic past. We will illustrate also the fact that in the process of remembering the space changes the identitary their attributes.

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