Effects of technogenic pollutants on chicken embryos

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Increasing interest in nanomaterials can be explained by their broad involvement in many fields of industry and medicine. It is known that carbon black and crysotile asbestos behave like nanosized objects. They are wide spread in environment and have close contact with living organisms. The aim of our study was to define the effects of carbon black and crysotile asbestos on structures of the developing organism.

We used chicken embryos as a model for our study. Total amount of 77 eggs was divided in three groups: one control and two experimental with introduced carbon black and asbestos respectively. Researched materials were injected in the yolk on the third day of incubation and tissues for study were taken during early, middle and late stages of incubation. Histological and electron microscopy methods were used.

Carbon black and asbestos introduction caused underdevelopment of embryos and vessels depletion in blood islands of the yolk sac. Asbestos slowed down angiogenesis. Soot particles caused integrity violation of vessels and led to extravasation. The manifestations of soot influence were damages to blood circulatory system and structural disorders on cellular level. Introduction of chrysotile asbestos mostly resulted in compensatoryadaptive reactions like increasing in hematopoiesis and transcytosis in endotheliocytes.

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