Surgical treatment of gastric carcinoma with ovarian metastases

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Ovarian metastases from extragenital neoplasms are rare. The prevalent sites of the primary tumors were the breast, colorectum and the stomach. The Krukenberg tumor (KT) is defined as a gastrointestinal cancer which metastasized to the ovaries. Metastasis to the ovary may appear at the time of diagnosis of the primary tumor (synchronous) or during observation (metachronous). Common clinical presentations are abdominal distention, pain, palpable mass, bloating, ascites or pain during sexual intercourse. Diagnosis can be made by ultrasound examinations, CT or EMR scans, laparotomy and/or a biopsy of the ovary. The current standard treatment for patients with metastatic gastric cancer is systemic chemotherapy, however, treatment strategy for KTs from gastric cancer has not been clearly established and surgical treatment is considered mainly for metachronous tumors. The prognosis of patients with ovarian metastasis of gastric cancer origin is poorer compared with that of other primary tumors. Although the results of cytoreductive surgery – especially in combination with modern chemotherapy – seems to be promising, the optimal therapeutic strategies for such patients requires further prospective studies.

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