Performance Assessment in Business of Agricultural Companies using Balanced Scorecard Model

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The performance management is a strategic and integrated approach for long-time success of the activity of agricultural companies, by improving the performance of the organization, teams and individuals. In search of success, the performance management uses a variety of models, techniques and methods, some taken from other systems and improved and others of its own, focusing on strategy and differentiating features that provide a strong competitive advantage. The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) model identifies several dimensions of the organization, representing areas where organizations need to achieve results at department, team or individual level. According to the type of the agricultural company, there can be esential financial aspect, customers, internal processes, knowledge and learning, service quality, market share etc. The company under study, S.C. Agrocomplex Lunca Paşcani S.A., is representative in terms of ownership, farm and profile of the agricultural production in Moldavia region. According to the methodology developed, starting from the strategy of S.C. Agrocomplex Lunca Paşcani S.A. we identified the strategic objectives for each situation and the level of reaching the objectives using several indicators. In the second stage of the BSC analysis, the indicators are defined according to the management priorities of S.C. Agrocomplex Lunca Paşcani S.A. in four categories, corresponding to the four dimensions of the classical model: customer perspective, perspective of processes within the company, employee perspective and financial perspective

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