Primary upper extremity deep vein thrombosis in a Caucasian woman


Compared to deep vein thrombosis in the lower limbs, upper extremity deep vein thrombosis is uncommon and therefore much less explored or even neglected.

We present the case of a 40-year-old female working in the bakery industry, who was admitted for acute onset of upper limb oedema accompanied by pain and functional impairment, affirmative secondary to the sustained and intense effort of the dominant arm. The diagnosis was confirmed by Duplex Ultraso nography on the eighth day after the onset of symptoms. Since clinical examinations and laboratory work excluded any cause of secondary thrombosis, the diagnosis of primary thrombosis was established. The only possible cause of this episode was linked to the woman’s work. The trigger for the thrombotic event was represented most likely by strenuous physical activity with temporary obstruction of the thoracic outlet in the work field. Under anticoagulant treatment, the signs and symptoms gradually resolved. Unfortunately, at the one-year follow-up exam, the patient was diagnosed with post-thrombotic syndrome of the right, dominant arm.

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