An Approach of XML Query Evaluation Based Model Checking

Li Yan-Mei 1 , Huang Shao-Bin 1 , Li Ya 1 , and Xu Li 1
  • 1 College of Computer Science and Technology, Harbin Engineering University, Harbin 150001, China


In this paper, we show the process inspired by model checking which integrate temporal logic to the application of semi-structured data query. We investigate the potential ofatechnique based on CTL (Computation Tree Logic) model checking for evaluating queries expressed in (a subset of) XPath. Our research consists of query algebra, constraint understanding and expression mapping. The core of research is mapping the XMLquery algebra to an expression collection of temporal logic. We tryanew kind of query execution strategy to enhance the accuracy of semantic description of the XMLquery. For the purpose of supporting the generation of the formal specifications and reducing the mapping processing, the XMLquery constraint can be converted toaspecification of SPS (Specification Pattern System) through which we get the formula set to evaluate path queries directly on CTLformula.

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