A numerical investigation of multi space reduced basis preconditioners for parametrized elliptic advection-diffusion equations

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We analyze the numerical performance of a preconditioning technique recently proposed in [1] for the efficient solution of parametrized linear systems arising from the finite element (FE) discretization of parameterdependent elliptic partial differential equations (PDEs). In order to exploit the parametric dependence of the PDE, the proposed preconditioner takes advantage of the reduced basis (RB) method within the preconditioned iterative solver employed to solve the linear system, and combines a RB solver, playing the role of coarse component, with a traditional fine grid (such as Additive Schwarz or block Jacobi) preconditioner. A sequence of RB spaces is required to handle the approximation of the error-residual equation at each step of the iterative method at hand, whence the name of Multi Space Reduced Basis (MSRB) method. In this paper, a numerical investigation of the proposed technique is carried on in the case of a Richardson iterative method, and then extended to the flexible GMRES method, in order to solve parameterized advection-diffusion problems. Particular attention is payed to the impact of anisotropic diffusion coefficients and (possibly dominant) transport terms on the proposed preconditioner, by carrying out detailed comparisons with the current state of the art algebraic multigrid preconditioners.

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