Occurrence of tetracyclines in feedingstuffs – results of a two-year study within the official control of feed

Monika Przeniosło-Siwczyńska 1 , Ewelina Patyra 1 , Maja Chyłek-Purchała 1 , Beata Kozak 1 , and Krzysztof Kwiatek 1
  • 1 Department of Hygiene of Animal Feedingstuffs, National Veterinary Research Institute, 24-100 Pulawy, Poland


The paper describes a microbiological method for the detection of antibacterial substances in feedingstuffs. The method allowed detection of the main antibiotic groups, including tetracyclines. In 2013-2014, a total of 171 feed samples were analysed to determine antibacterial substances. Among the analysed samples 84 (49.1%) were suspected to contain tetracyclines. Out of the 84 feeds analysed using chromatography, 28 (33.3%) contained undeclared tetracyclines, which were identified at concentrations ranging from 0.32 mg kg-1 to 48.98 mg kg-1.

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