Seminoma, Sertolioma, and Leydigoma in Dogs: Clinical and Morphological Correlations

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The study aimed at presenting the most frequent male gonadal tumours in dogs, their clinical and histopathological aspects, at outlining aetiopathogenesis and differential diagnosis of the tumours. As examples of the most frequently manifested testicular tumours, three clinical cases were presented, involving tumour of interstitial (Leydig) cells, tumour of Sertoli cells, and seminoma. Respective clinical diagnosis employed USG, X-ray patterns, and morphological and biochemical tests. The surgically sampled material was stained with H+E and an attempt was made to establish expression of E-cadherin, calretinin, and Ki-67. It was shown that histopathological diagnosis of testicular tumours in dogs is frequently very difficult and complex and requires multidirectional studies.

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