Maternal Glucocorticoid Treatment as a Model for Examining Foetal Gender-Specific Effects on the Bone Metabolism of Neonatal Piglets

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The aim of the study was to investigate gender-specific effects of a maternal treatment with dexamethasone (DEX) at multiple maximum therapeutic doses during the last 25 d of pregnancy on the bone tissue metabolism in neonatal piglets. BMD and BMC were measured. The geometry, histomorphometry, and mechanical properties of bones were determined. The assessment of selected hormones, cytokines, and amino acids was performed in 35-day-old piglets. DEX administered prenatally inhibited neonatal bone development, as well as bone mineral density, and geometrical and mechanical properties of bones. Neonatal GC-induced bone loss was linked with disturbed somatotropic axis function and decreased serum concentration of GH in male piglets and decreased concentration of IGF-1 in females. Prenatal DEX treatment led to an increase in the concentration of insulin and enhanced activity of bone specific alkaline phosphatase in piglets of both genders.

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