Trichinosis in Lublin Province in 2003-2010 on a Background of Wild Boar`S Population Dynamics

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The research aimed at evaluating the epizootic and epidemiological situation of trichinosis during the last 8 years in Lublin province on a background of progressing increase in wild boar population within the region and in the whole country. Data for the study were taken from the report on the results of the official examination of slaughter animals and meat, poultry, game, lagomorphs and aquaculture animals and six reports on the number of trichinosis cases found at wild boars and domestic swine. In order to evaluate the trichinosis epidemiological situation within the region, reports of the National Institute of Public Health-National Institute of Hygiene on the number of identified trichinosis cases in people, as well as the number of hospitalised patients were presented. In addition, information on the population and hunting achievement of wild boars in hunting circuits of Lublin province during the last 8 years was enclosed. The number of identified trichinosis cases in meat of wild boars from Lublin region increased 9 times, while the percentage of trichinosis occurrence in reference to the number of examined carcasses almost 3-fold. At the same period, the number of porcine carcasses, in which trichinosis was found, decreased by over 4 times. Over double increase in wild boar population on the studied area was observed during the evaluation. Dynamic increase in the population size - in an aspect of the species population interaction with the living habitat, and in the form of the increase in the number of damages of crops and cultivation fields - contributed to intensified hunting pressure towards the species expressed as almost 3-fold increase of wild boar hunting. Analysis of epizootic and epidemiological situation of Poland indicates that wild boar meat was the principal source of trichinosis during the studied period. Considering Lublin province, the number of identified trichinosis cases is still high as compared to eastern and central provinces. Meanwhile, when compared to western and northern Poland, the level of trichinosis invasion can be considered as low. Furthermore, the trichinosis morbidity among people, that does not exceed 0.18/100 thousand inhabitants, can be regarded as low. Nevertheless, the fact of underestimating the necessity of both wild boar’s and swine’s meat examination seems to be alarming

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