Albanian Text Classification: Bag of Words Model and Word Analogies

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Background: Text classification is a very important task in information retrieval. Its objective is to classify new text documents in a set of predefined classes, using different supervised algorithms. Objectives: We focus on the text classification for Albanian news articles using two approaches. Methods/Approach: In the first approach, the words in a collection are considered as independent components, allocating to each of them a conforming vector in the vector’s space. Here we utilized nine classifiers from the scikit-learn package, training the classifiers with part of news articles (80%) and testing the accuracy with the remaining part of these articles. In the second approach, the text classification treats words based on their semantic and syntactic word similarities, supposing a word is formed by n-grams of characters. In this case, we have used the fastText, a hierarchical classifier, that considers local word order, as well as sub-word information. We have measured the accuracy for each classifier separately. We have also analyzed the training and testing time. Results: Our results show that the bag of words model does better than fastText when testing the classification process for not a large dataset of text. FastText shows better performance when classifying multi-label text. Conclusions: News articles can serve to create a benchmark for testing classification algorithms of Albanian texts. The best results are achieved with a bag of words model, with an accuracy of 94%.

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