What’s the value of a star? Actor familiarity and likeability effects on emotional mimicry of cinematic displays

Elen Lotman 1 , Alan Voodla 2  und Andero Uusberg 3
  • 1 Tallinn University, , Estonia
  • 2 Tartu University, , Estonia
  • 3 Tartu University, , Estonia


Researchers and practitioners have long been intrigued by the role of stars in the film industry (McDonald 2005). Actors with star status can enhance the economic prospects of a film (Wallace et al. 1993). For instance, replacing average stars with top stars has been shown to increase revenue (Nelson, Glotfelty 2012). A meta-analysis of 61 studies collating data from 1545 films has shown the significant effect of commercial star power on Hollywood films’ revenues (Hofmann, et al. 2017). The Hollywood movie industry can be viewed as a system that maintains and regulates the popularity of existing and emerging stars through agents, producers and award systems (McDonald 2013).

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