Numerical Kinematical Analysis of the Shaping Mechanism

Vladimir Dragoş Tătaru 1  and Mircea Bogdan Tătaru 2
  • 1 University “Valahia” of Târgovişte
  • 2 University of Oradea


The paper deals with the complete kinematical analysis of the mechanism that enters the machine tool structure designed to generate, in particular, plane surfaces. A machine tool of this kind is called shaping machine. For this purpose, Euler’s relations concerning the velocities distribution, written in projections on the fix reference system axes will be used. Starting from these relations we will get to a system of the first order linear differential equations whose unknowns are the kinematical parameters of the mechanism elements. The variation in time of these parameters will be obtained by solving the differential equations system the differential equations system using numerical integration methods.

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