Effect of Zn Content on Structure, Roughness and Corrosion Behavior of Zn-Ni Alloys

  • 1 Faculty of Technology, Department of Environmental Engineering


In this work, Zn-Ni alloys have been deposited on steel from sulfate bath, by electrodeposition method. The effect of Zn content on deposits properties was studied by cyclic voltammetry (CV), chronoaperometry (CA), linear stripping voltammetry (ALSV) and diffraction (XRD) and scanning electronic microscopy (SEM). The corrosion behavior in 3.5 wt. NaCl solution was examined using anodic polarization test and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. X-ray diffraction of show that Zn-Ni alloys structure is composed of δ phase and γ phase, which increase with the decrease of Zn content in deposits. Results show that deposits obtained from bath less Zn2+ concentration exhibited better corrosion resistance.

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