Intelligent 3D Video-Laser System for Measuring Distance and Avoidance of Obstruct Obstacles Integrable Into Robotic Platforms

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Outcome of the scientific concerns from the Doctoral School of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics at Valahia University of Târgovişte in the field of unconventional measurements using non-contact laser technique, the scientific work “Intelligent 3D video-laser system for measuring distance and avoidance of obstruct obstacles integrable into robotic platforms” is a work in progress being in the experimental phase of single-channel testing. The system is designed for robotic platforms for special interventions in high-risk work environments, with the main goal of an active, real-time 3D spatial stereo interface for the operator who manages the robotic platform remotely. 3D imaging and real-time measurements of distances provide the operator of the robotic intervention platform with the ability to perform extremely precise maneuvers. The scientific work ultimately results in an intelligent integral system that can predict the emergence of an obstacle to the robotic platform movement, thus determining the distance in real time to it. The measuring distance is between 0 m - 40 m, with an accuracy of +/−0.5 cm being synchronized with the video system with a clear visual area from 0.05 m to infinity. The 3D video laser system can simultaneously shoot movie or single images of the obstacle, storing data in 3D, photo or video digital formats, both locally in non-volatile memory or externally thru any GPSR network to the operator and / or to a control center. In later development, the measurement system will be coupled to a GPS network for auto location of position and architected with a self-defense and offensive module mounted on the mobile robotic platform. Thus, this complex project combines in a unified knowledge of Mechatronics, Integronics, Cyber-Mix Mechatronics, Artificial Intelligence and Information Technology.


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