Project Management – Support for Attracting European Funds and Condition of the Development of the Romanian Society


The article contains an analysis of the state of absorption of European funds in Romania with a focus on the Central Region. The article highlights the role of project management as a method of attracting European funds. The importance of good management of the European funds is of particular importance for the increase of the welfare at national level by implementing a series of changes really necessary and important for the progress of the community. The purpose of the analyzes performed regarding the access and absorption stage of the funds, regarding the problems encountered, is to serve as support in the planning of the following financing periods. The practice of efficient project management opens the door to new projects, whose immediate effect is the increase of the absorption of European funds, followed by a recovery of the Romanian economy and the increase of the prestige of our country among the member countries of the European Union. But, before discussing prestige, recognition, reputation, the emphasis must be placed on ensuring a viable economic growth, which is really reflected in the living conditions of the population.

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