National Defence - Its Role and Importance in Ensuring the Image of a Stable State


By carrying out the national defence, national interests are protected by the active involvement of state institutions with responsibilities in the field, but not only these, being committed the available resources of the state in order to ensure the sovereignty, the independence, the unity, the territorial integrity and the constitutional democracy, under the conditions of combating any type of aggression. This is achieved through the full exercise of citizens' rights and freedoms, through conscious assumption of responsibilities, and by the affirming a state as an active member of the community and international organisations. The national defence is very well grounded, being regulated at national level by rules approved by the President of the country, by the Government, having the legal opinion of the Supreme Defence Council of the Country.One of the most important resources needed to achieve the national defence is the human resource that needs to be continuously prepared and trained through various forms of preparation. A high level human resource training determines a high level of a state national defence.

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