Business Case for Rationalization of Knowledge Acquisition in the Critical Infrastructure Security Field through the Operationalization of Technical Systems Used for Monitoring and Inspection

Dorel Badea 1 , Silviu Mihai Petrişor 1 , Dumitru Iancu 1 , Rǎzvan Parfenov 1 , and Marian Coman 1
  • 1 “Nicolae Bălcescu” Land Forces Academy,, Sibiu, Romania


This article brings to the attention of specialists few points related to an improvement of existing situation in the field of critical infrastructure security through the implementation of advanced technologies and employing a scientific research methodology based on project management. For ensuring the functionality of critical infrastructures, the characteristics of current security environment such as volatility, ambiguity and uncertainty, which determine the use of solutions characterized mainly by the operational agility, have been taken into account. The results of this approach can be useful both for the educational field and for the staff who occupy positions inside the critical infrastructure protection departments within organizations holding or managing such critical infrastructures.

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