Analysis of the Types of Maintenance Systems of Technical Equipment and the Assessment of the Characteristics of These Systems for Selecting the Optimal Variant

Ioan Virca 1
  • 1 “Nicolae Bălcescu” Land Foces Academy,, Sibiu, Romania


The use and maintenance of technical systems throughout their lifecycle aims at achieving goals that allow for high values of productivity and availability characteristics of these systems. In the economic policy of each state or private organization or state institution, there is the right to determine the type of adequate maintenance system within the maintenance strategy adopted. Thus, the types of maintenance systems recognized in the technical domain are analyzed from the point of view of the two previously-mentioned features, productivity and availability, thus making the predictive maintenance system, derived from the preventively-planned one, advantageous for all organizations. It is obvious that the current trend is to spread this predictive maintenance system, according to which the interventions will be carried out before the malfunction occurs, depending on the periodically measured values of global pressure, flow, energy consumption, temperature, current, voltage, vibrations, etc.

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