Two simple ways to find an efficient solution for a multiple objective linear programming problem

Vasile Căruțașu 1
  • 1 “Nicolae Bălcescu” Land Forces Academy,, Sibiu, Romania


A number of methods and techniques for determining “effective” solutions for multiple objective linear programming problems (MPP) have been developed. In this study, we will present two simple methods for determining an efficient solution for a MPP that reducing the given problem to a one-objective linear programming problem. One of these methods falls under the category of methods of weighted metrics, and the other is an approach similar to the ε- constraint method. The solutions determined by the two methods are not only effective and are found on the Pareto frontier, but are also “the best” in terms of distance to the optimal solutions for all objective function from the MPP. Obviously, besides the optimal solutions of linear programming problems in which we take each objective function, we can also consider the ideal point and Nadir point, in order to take into account all the notions that have been introduced to provide a solution to this problem

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