Power electronic converter for photovoltaic systems with the use of FPGA-based real-time modeling of single phase grid-connected systems

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Power electronic converter for photovoltaic systems with the use of FPGA-based real-time modeling of single phase grid-connected systems

The paper presents a method of investigation of grid connected systems with a renewable energy source. The method enables fast prototyping of control systems and power converters components by real-time simulation of the system. Components of the system such as energy source (PV array), converters, filters, sensors and control algorithms are modeled in FPGA IC. Testing the systems before its practical application reduces cost and time-to-market. FPGA devices are commonly used for digital control. The resources of the FPGAs used for preliminary testing can be sufficient for the complete system modelling. Debugging tools for FPGA enable observation of many signals of the analyzed power system (as a result of the control), with very advanced triggering tools. The presented method of simulation with the use of hardware model of the power system in comparison to classical simulation tools gives better possibilities for verification of control algorithms such as MPPT or anti-islanding.

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