Botrychium matricariifolium, a new fern species for the flora of Montenegro

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In this short communication we report a new fern for Montenegro - Botrychium matricariifolium (Doll) A. Braun ex W.D.J. Koch, known as the chamomile grapefern. Up to now, the only Botrychium species in the flora of Montenegro was B. lunaria (L.) Sw., a typical species for montane to alpine grasslands and meadows. One individual of B. matricariifolium was found in a forest opening on the mountain Babji zub. B. matricariifolium was accompanied by numerous individuals of B. lunaria. These species are clearly distinguished by the lamina, which is in B. matricariifolium 2-pinnatifid, while in B. lunaria it is 1-pinnate with trapezoid to flabellate pinnae. Although chamonile grapefern has a large range of distribution, it is everywhere a rare species that has some kind of protection status in the most European countries. In order to define the protection status of the species in Montenegro, further investigation is needed.


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