Enterprise Risk Management in Kosovo’s Banking Sector

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Today risk management plays a vital role in business. Each firm, whether big or small, makes an effort to manage risk more effectively. Risk management is very important in the financial system, especially in banks. Billions of Euros are spent each year on the financial reporting of banks. Banks should implement effective solutions in risk management to mitigate their risks. Great financial debate that originated in the 1990s is reportedly linked to errors that occurred in the banking sector due to poor risk management. It should be noted that today technology plays a key role in risk management and it has already had a positive effect on the financial industry. Analysis of risk and its management has become significant in the Kosovo economy since the post-war period. The nature of the banking business is threatened by risks because more financial products are becoming complicated. The main role of banks is intermediation between those who have resources and those seeking them. Banks face various risks at the corporate level, such as operational, liquidity, legal, credit, and market risks; thus, these risks should be converted into a composite measure. This research aims to determine practices and effects of risk management in the banking sector. Relevant data were collected from banks through questionnaires and telephone interviews; analysis has been conducted using statistical tools. This study will engage both the quantitative and qualitative methods of data analysis. Dependent variables will be separated from independent variables, and regression analysis will be used to analyse the quantitative data.

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