Closure of Oronasal Fistula by Palatal Rotational Flap: Case Report with Two Years follow-up

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Background/Aim: Hard palate fistulas are due to pathologies such as noma, syphilitic gom, leprosy, leishmaniasis, radiotherapy, removal of cysts or tumors of the sinus or palate, trauma or tooth attraction. Symptoms of palatal fistulas include hypernasality in the phonation due to nasal air escape during a speech, nasal cavity fluid flow, and infection due to food accumulation. Surgical repair of palatal perforations is technically difficult and complicated. Different surgical methods can be used depending on the size and location of the defect. Among these techniques, the locoregional flap types used are palatal flap, nasolabial flap, a buccal fat pad and tongue flap.

Case Report: In this case report, we presented a patient with oronasal fistula due to a previous surgical operation, which was surgically closed by a palatal rotational flap.

Conclusions: As a result, the oronasal communucation was relieved by successful closure of the defect and the donor area healed uneventfully.

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