Impact of Aerosol on the Estimation Accuracy of Solar Radiation

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The paper is focused on the solar irradiance estimation in clear-sky conditions and an aerosol-loaded atmosphere. Two parametric models developed by our group and three empirical models are tested. The estimates of the parametric models are based on three atmospheric parameters (ozone, nitrogen dioxide and water vapor column content) and the aerosol properties quantified by means of several specific parameters (Ångström turbidity coefficient, single scattering albedo, asymmetry factor). The empirical models contain no inputs for aerosol properties. Data collected from 10 stations were used to test the models. The inputs for the parametric models were retrieved from Aerosol Robotic Network - AERONET. Global and diffuse solar irradiance data at high-quality standards were retrieved from the Baseline Surface Radiation Network BSRN. A comparative analysis of the models’ accuracy in estimating clear-sky solar irradiance is discussed from the perspective of aerosol proprieties.

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