Determination of Maximum Horizontal Distance (XMHD) Travelled by Landfill Leachate from Lapite Dumpsite in Ibadan, Southwestern Nigeria

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This study was designed to determine Maximum Horizontal Distance (XMHD) travelled by landfill leachate. Twenty - nine Schlumberger Vertical Electrical Soundings (VES) were conducted at 10.0m intervals away from four sides A, B, C and D of Lapite dumpsite. One VES point conducted outside the vicinity of the dumpsite served as a control. VES data were processed. Lowest resistivity values (Y) of VES points and the control point (Yc) were extracted. Curves of Y against X fitted best to yield an equation. XMHD was determined from the generated equation when Y = Yc. The determined (XMHD) on the four sides ranged from78.95m to 179.86m.

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