Water Supply in the Republic of Serbia – State and Perspectives

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Water supply has pronounced priority, over other forms of water use. The term water supply includes the ensure of high quality water in general terms, for households, public needs and economic activities. The Republic of Serbia disposes with considerable underground and surface water resources, which are used for supplying, but it is required their rational utilization. The aim of this study is to show the current state of water supply on the territory of Serbia based on the analysis of the different indicators. One of the goal is to scan prevalent conditions and problems related to it and to propose optimal solutions. The survey includes an explanation of the long - term needs of the Republic of Serbia for fresh water (as well as share of different sources in the total water supply) and estimation of the possibility of satisfying that needs from available resources. On the base of that, there are adopted conclusions about basic directions of further development in the field of water management and water supply in Serbia.

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