Analysis of the Tourism Activities in the Protected Natural Areas of Vrancea County

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Vrancea County, through its specific physical-geographical region of Romania is replete with natural elements with unique value. The diversity of species and natural habitats, the high density of large carnivores are the main reasons that led to the establishment of protected natural areas. As regards the Natura 2000 European network, in the county were declared a number of 11 Sites of Community Importance and Sites of Special Protection 3 as a reconfirmation of the value of biodiversity. These have given rise to some touristic activities becoming tourist attraction places for nature lovers. The presence of tourists in a protected area can threaten the environment, but if tourism is managed according to sustainability principles can bring a number of benefits to both the environment and local communities. From this point of view, Vrancea stays at tourist underdevelopment, so economical, due to poor promotion nationally and underinvestment. Thanks to the initiative of associations and relevant organizations were implemented European sustainable development programs that have had a real impact on protected areas in Vrancea County. The results obtained have resulted in actions for biodiversity conservation, tourism planning of the territory and contribute to increased quality of life for local communities. These projects are proof that this region of the country presents all the strengths to develop ecotourism plan.

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