Three-Dimensional Deformation of Warp-Knitted Spacer Fabrics under Tensile Loading

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This paper puts forward a new method for measuring the three-dimensional deformation of warp-knitted spacer fabrics under tensile stress. The three-dimensional deformation mechanisms of warp-knitted spacer fabrics have been analyzed using stress-strain curves. Poisson’s ratio of the three-dimensional deformation has also been analyzed. The stress-strain curves obtained for tests in the warp-ward direction and weft-ward direction show a characteristic initial large deformation, followed by minimal-to-no deformation. The stress-strain curves obtained for tests in the thickness direction exhibit different characteristics due to the differences in stretch directions. In the weft-ward direction, the curve shows an approximate linear change with minimal strain. In the warp-wise direction, the curve shows a large stress with small strain, and subsequently, a small stress yielded a large strain. During the stretching process, the surface deformation perpendicular to the direction of tensile force is greater than the tensile deformation, and the deformation in the thickness direction is also minimal compared to that in the direction of the tensile deformation.

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