Many-valued logics—implications and semantic consequences

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In this paper an application of the well-known matrix method to an extension of the classical logic to many-valued logic is discussed: we consider an n-valued propositional logic as a propositional logic language with a logical matrix over n truth-values. The algebra of the logical matrix has operations expanding the operations of the classical propositional logic. Therefore we look over the Łukasiewicz, Post, Heyting and Rosser style expansions of the operations negation, conjunction, disjunction and with a special emphasis on implication.

In the frame of consequence operation, some notions of semantic consequence are examined. Then we continue with the decision problem and the logical calculi. We show that the cause of difficulties with the notions of semantic consequence is the weakness of the reviewed expansions of negation and implication. Finally, we introduce an approach to finding implications that preserve both the modus ponens and the deduction theorem with respect to our definitions of consequence.

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