Parametric Design Concept in Architectural Studies

Vytautas Baltus 1  and Tadas Žebrauskas 1
  • 1 Kaunas University of Technology, , Kaunas, Lithuania


Architectural studies in Kaunas University of Technology shift towards implementation of BIM concept-based approach in design modules, which suggests the use of related software (Revit, ArchiCAD). Implementation of parametric design (3ds Max, Cinema4D) related subjects in the study process is in alarming situation because of the University’s and even national policy. Nevertheless, its wide usage, at least in the visual presentation of architectural projects, strongly suggests that graduates need to have knowledge of these technologies as it is often required in the general practice. However, the different concepts of BIM and parametric design modelling practice makes the study load too heavy for the students. Thus, it is vital to find a balanced solution for both of these subjects to be presented equally during architectural studies at the University. The aim of this paper is to analyse the opportunities and challenges of introducing parallel learning of both software.

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