Practical Modelling in Treehouse Development

Matijs Babris 1  and Uģis Bratuškins 1
  • 1 Riga Technical University, , Riga, Latvia


Up-to-date nature tourism trends witness a growth of customer-oriented unique experiences. The present paper explores the potential of treehouses in nature tourism development in Latvia by providing unique and authentic experiences. Using the method of practical modelling several distinct treehouse construction methods are compared considering regional differences and different use cases. To achieve the set goal, three separate practical modelling workshops in different municipalities in Latvia were organised during the summer holidays of 2016–2018. History and construction types of treehouses were analysed as well as 30 experts from the local municipalities, treehouse companies, workshop participants, clients and customers were interviewed. The presented study is based on the 4-year experience of participation in several European treehouse workshops and organisation of the local treehouse activities and events in Latvia as well as learnings from managing an outdoor recreation company “Movement Spontaneous” and co-founding the Latvian Outdoor Association “Outdoor Club Latvia” in 2018.

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