Cardiac Imaging in Arrhythmias

Sergiu Batâr 1 , Florina Batâr 2 , Victor Costache 3 , and Ioan Manțiu 4
  • 1 „Lucian Blaga” University Sibiu, , Romania
  • 2 „Lucian Blaga” University Sibiu, , Romania
  • 3 „Lucian Blaga” University Sibiu, , Romania
  • 4 „Lucian Blaga” University Sibiu, , Romania


Cardiac arrhythmias occur frequently in valvular patients. In valvular patients the role of echocardiography is essential, due to prognostic variations. A common indication of CT coronarography is the evaluation of the coronary arteries, with the highlighting of the light coronary plaques, but also accurately measures the dimensions of the left atrium and the anatomy of the pulmonary veins. In the last years cardiac MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) has been used in the clinic and research media to establish the gold standard measurement for the volumes of heart cavities, their function and tissue structure. All these three methods are essential for the evaluation and treatment of the cardiac patient with important arrhythmia.

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