Experimental Procedure Used To Determine The Flexural Rigidity For Composite Sandwich Bars With Various Thickness Values

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In this paper there is presented an experimental procedure used to determine the flexural rigidity for composite sandwich bars with polypropylene honeycomb core with various thickness values: 1, 1,5 and 2 cm. The composite bars will be reinforced with one layer of carbon fiber. The width value of the composite bars will be of 6 cm. In order to obtain the flexural rigidity the composite bars will be clamped at one end and left free at the other. An accelerometer will be placed at the free end used to record the free vibrations of these bars. The simplifying assumption of “bar” will be used in this research, so I have chosen several free lengths for the bars: 29, 32 and 35 cm. The eigenfrequency of the first eigenmode will be used to determine the flexural rigidity of the bars.

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