Physical Training Methods For Mine Rescuers In 2015

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We have studied physical mine rescue training programs and health-related and rescue-related fitness tasks during a mine rescue competition, made in China and Australia and on these basis we have design our own pre physical training method. We have stored the heart rate measured in bites per minute (bpm) during the 2012 year periodical training for 21 mine rescuers. We have designed a physical training procedure based on six training models: Body Building, Method of isometric efforts, Method of Interval Training, Volume variation method, Structured method for basic grip and release and Specific work method. Then we measured again during the 2014 year periodical training, the heart rate for the same mine rescuer having the physical training procedure performed before. We have notice that the trained person have now lower bpm, during the tests that could represent better performances during the rescue actions. Our research were made in the Laboratory for Risk-Rescue Operations of the INCD INSEMEX Petroşani, Romania.

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