The West Black Sea passive continental margin in the east part of Balkan Peninsula

Svetla Stankova 1 , Tzanko Tzankov 2 , and Rosen Iliev 2
  • 1 „Konstantin Preslavski” University of Shumen, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Department of Geography and Regional Development, 9712, Shumen
  • 2 South-West University „Neofit Rilski” – Blagoevgrad, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Department of Geography, Ecology and Environment Protection, 2700, Blagoevgrad


The Black Sea Neozoic passive continental margin marks the natural „bridge” between the Moesian and Bulgarian continental microplates and the Black Sea oceanic microplatte. It was coming in to being after the saturation between the terrains which are composed the Neo Europe south east part during the Early Paleogene. The subaerial part of the margin includes the most east parts of the South Moesian, Hemus, and Upper Thracian and Sakar-Strandzha morphostructural zones. The subaquatic part of the margin is composed by the consequently orderly step lower to the Black Sea bottom: high shelf zone, lover shelf zone, continental slope and continental foot. The Black Sea Neozoic passive continental margin is characterized by low seismic activity. It is concentrated in some fault zones.

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