Post-epidemic Situation of a Previously Phytophthora alni-infected Common Alder Stand/ Egy korábban Phytophthora alni által fertőzött mézgáséger-állomány járvány utáni állapota

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This paper reports on the current situation of the Phytophthora species occurring in a declining common alder (Alnus glutinosa) stand in North-West Hungary. The stand was affected by a severe epidemic caused by Phytophthora alni in the late 1990s. The authors evaluated the health condition of the forest stand and collected soil samples from the rhizosphere of twenty selected trees two times per year in 2011 and in 2012 in order to isolate Phytophthora species. A diverse Phytophthora community was found in the soil consisting of eight species with different aggressiveness and with different ecological demands. Pathogenicity tests confirmed the role of the collected strains in the decline of the alder stand.

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