Comparative Study Between the Papillary Muscles of the Right Ventricle and the Left Ventricle Papillary Muscles

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We used formalinized heart dissection obtained from forensic laboratory in Constanta, analyzing the papillary muscles and their tendon chordae. We studied at the papillary muscles the number of forms that could be in single or multiple muscular bodies, encountering more than five body muscles in a papillary muscle group. We measured using caliper graduated in millimeters, the height of each papillary muscle body (from the base to its upper end) and its thickness at the base and at its upper extremity. Chordae tendon we examined in terms of their origin and number at the level of each papillary muscle, the dimensions (length and thickness), orientation and how they end at the atrioventricular valves. We noted the presence of „false”chordae tendineae, which were disposed between the papillary muscle and the ventricular wall. The results were compared with data in the literature that I had the opportunity to consult

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