Anatomical Considerations of the Ostium of the Subclavian Artery

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The subclavian artery’s are two voluminous artery’s, left and right, which have their origin in a different way, the right one originating from the brahiocefalic trunk, and the left one directly from the aortic arch, at a distance that varies according to the origin of the left common carotid arteries.

Our study was made on computed tomography angiography, on which we have had the opportunity to examine the scans from Medimar Imagistic Center, in the County Clinical Hospital “Sf. Andrei” in Constanta, being carried out on a computer tomography GE LightSpeed 16 slice CT. Also, we had available angiography’s executed in the center for diagnosis Pozimed, being carried out on a computer tomography GE LightSpeed VCT64 Slice CT.

The variability of the findings in the anatomical parts of the subclavicular artery’s ostium, both as regards the size of the horizontal and vertical diameters, also their shape and as regards morfological relations with other branches of the aortic arch. The dimensions of the diameters vary according to sex, but it is a general rule that the dimensions are higher in male, the minimum and maximum values may be different in the two sexes.

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